Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brief holiday , huge spending-part two

Destination 3: Genting highland
Well, Genting is one of the nearest tourism attractions from Setapak. We had been planning for this trip in the midst of the exam even though most of us had been there for many times. Unfortunately, Big Head failed to join us at the final moment by reason of having to reseat the practical exam. However, it didn’t affect us much; we could still have fun so long as xiao bai was along with us.
wandering around with no specific purpose

singing k, I was wondering why doing the same thing as we were doing in KL after we came all the way up to genting.

fishy, fishy, really fishy , for the first time I saw grassy yocked like this, what do u say about them

killing time by having a cup of damn expensive coffee at Starbuck. Oh poor Starbuck, now they are planning to close down 300 of their branches worldwide and lay off 6700 employees. That cup of coffee might be my last cup from Starbuck.

the most terrible and unsavory buffet dinner we had ever had

look at her face u will know how unsavory the foods were

the hidden sodomy case in room

the statue of chubbiness

Hercules made the attempt of showing off his power and potence

poor result, sia sui


with a bunch of friendly foreigners

look like a family

bowling games

huge giant losing balance

Destination 4: St. Annes Church, Bukit Mertajam
A holy place was invaded by a bunch of disengaged fellows, with no rogation purpose but wandering around and seeking the fittest scenes as our photographing backgrounds.

I had been visiting this holy place for less than 3 times in recent ten years. This time, because of my nearest and dearest friends, I set foot in here after so long.

Unfortunately, by the time we entered there, the church was about to close down. We were told to leave the place before 7pm by a polite security guard in a very polite way.
With no displeasing feeling, we had taken the only one and last photo with the present of all of us by the aid of that courteous security guard.

Once I thought, if the security guards in our campus could be as polite as this guard, our university life would be much more interesting and joyful. But soon I realized that this was fudging and bullshitting, this “dream” was actually harder to be achieved than uniting three main races in our motherland.

Fine statuary

Sunset view

A religious and devotional dog

Destination 5- Jusco shopping mall, Bukit Mertajam
An earthshaking snooker match between guy and gal began here
This dull and boring match ended with winner team which scored the least negative marks instead of scoring the highest positive marks.
See how clumsy and awkward we were




Destination 6- Sushi King, Autocity, Juru
Special thanks to these two ladies for giving me an extraordinary birthday night. I had been passing my last two birthdays in shengxue camp, surrounded by a troop of friends, with a lot of laughter and wishes. Instead of passing my birthday in shengxue camp this year, I chose to pass it tranquilly with these two chubby gals. After so much of begging and reminding, these two heavyweight gals finally agreed to shed their tiny spare time to celebrate with me, which made me thought that I was the cheapest person whose birthday was being celebrated at the moment, very pathetic.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brief holiday , huge spending-part one

Last year 2008 was a year of financial deficit.
A brief holiday, costed my pocket a big hole and money leaking out like water. Nevertheless it was worth to me because many places we had visited and traveled around. Even though those places were not so special and some of you might had been there several times. To me, travel is very personal, whether a trip is fun or not is based on who do you go with not the places you travel to.We are always able to build up merry atmosphere as long as our family members stick together despite the places we visit to are lousy, boring,second-rate, and not so enjoyable. So no more crap, let's see the photos.

First destination, "yuan" buffet steamboat restaurant, city of sunway

Of course, the trip was fully in charged by the invader of our family, this guy (man in the photo) was once boycotted by almost all of his coursemates during first year in university. Now he suddenly become lovely, adorable and grateful with a so-called famous nickname "hua lian bao"..but to me, you can find nothing precious from him but tremendous lipid.

So now you can see how competitive the dinner was from the exaggerated face expression of this Mr.Big head even though foods provided wouldn't never run out

Three heavyweight guys in our family, total up of their body lipid is enough to blow down twin tower.

The conflict between pinky(left one) and moneky on the dine table.

The best words to describe these ladies start from the left:"ah ma", chubby, and "hiao"

The way of two disgusting and super mentally retarded guys expressed their profound affection to each other..

After having satisfied our stomach, we went watching an 3D animated cartoon:"Magadascar 2-Escar 2 Africa"

This is a damn funny and cheerful animated cartoon, we about laughed from the beginning till the end of the movie. However, what throw us into convulsion was that we accidentally found that the roles in the movie were similar to the characters and physical appearances of our family members.

An Zai= Alex the lion
Chung Zheng= Moto moto the male hippo
Zhi ying=Gloria the female hippo
Wan ying=Nana the old lady
me=lemur the monkey


Destination 2- Asian cafe, Subang

After the movie ended, we felt like to hang out longer time, had no intention to come home early at all. Couldn't help, just finished exam ma, instead of going clubbing, we chose a place like this to sit down and chitchat. What awesome was we ordered fresh fruit juice and soft drinks instead of liquor to drink..god damn healthy..

But, it was hardly to see all of us sat tranquilly,there was always deadly silent before thunder storm coming..In all of sudden, ramboo made the first attempt of attacking big head.the impotent big head couldn't fight back at all, shame on him..

Thing was getting weird in the progression of fight, they had suddenly become alliance and started acting cute pula, enouncing the end of the fight. walao ,so ridiculous ,beh xiao liao..

Both of them were spectators for the whole fight, but they kept quiet all the way, something fishy was happening between them..kekeke

Eventually we came to the most fascinating part of this farce, which had caused an unforgettable trauma in my fragile heart..wuwu

To be continued....