Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Langkawi-The jewel of Kedah

One of the place I visited during my holiday was Pulau Langkawi

The last thing you would like to miss in Langkawi was the Cable Car to the top of the mountain.

The views were so so beautiful and amazing. I must say, the experience was nothing short of sensational.

What can I say here was our former PM was so bias on developing his own beloved state until so much money and effort had been poured into this island in order to make it a well-known attraction distinct toward the worldwide tourists.

After all, I wanted to render my thanks to him for having allowed the building of this art there. It had opened my eyes big and wide.

Without a doubt, when we talked about Langkawi, there must be deep blue ocean and white glamorous yacht.

Well, we were not rich enough to afford a ride of that kind of damn expensive yacht. Instead, we chose a local speedboat which at least a bit closer to the natural environment, as if a hokkien word “chia hong” = eat wind. Got it?

Where there’s deep blue ocean, there’s deep dense forest

Where there’s deep dense forest, there’s a fierce monkey

A fierce monkey got pissed off by another monkey

We went for island hopping and eagle-feeding tour as well. But, frankly speaking, I found nothing special there; can just skip this tour if you are going to Langkawi .

Pulau Payar Marine Park, was the place to see sharks, pelagic fishes, and some corals that dominate the underwater sea.To be honest, the corals there weren’t as beautiful as the corals in Pulau Redang. But what was pleasing us was we managed to bargain the tour’s price from 200 ringgit lower to around 100 ringgit something..
My best honour to those price bargain experts in my tour group.

Of course, we grab the opportunity for snorkeling
But most of the time I preferred staying on the beach for some reasons

because of this, wow

and this

and this , hehe , don’t blame me , can’t help what, I’m just an normal guy with normal desire of seeing hot and sexy blonde in bikini as every other guy

In a state of excitement, we took another courageous step asking them to have a photograph with us.. hell yeah.. I could feel chung zheng's heartbeat beating damn fast that moment.

After the first victory, we became so insatiable and desperate that even a couple of old folks we wouldn’t leave out to haunt for..

Flossy sunset’s view

In such an enchanting view, people tended to do stupid thing, so did we
We whooped and shouted out our dissatisfaction with the world as to why four of gentle and fine guys like us could possibly still remained single? Were all the gals in this world blind?

However, we could still managed to foresee our bright future.. chui meh

No more crap, in this situation, it wouldn’t be better to view photos instead of thousand words of crap..

to be continued..

Thursday, March 12, 2009













放荡与不羁是我的代名词,偾事忌俗叛逆是我的作风,最beh tahan 的是 我是一个浪漫的爱情骗子



the curious case of baoling button,我好像越来越年轻了,希望有个像brad pitt酱的男生脚踏七色彩云来迎娶我




oh my god, 怎么会这样,你的童年到底怎么过

oh my god,到底是那一位整形医生做的,这样来害你

p.s 以上言论,纯属玩笑